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We offer translation services from/into European languages and non-European languages. Our offer is broadened all the time to meet the demands and expectations of our customers. We offer translation services throughout Poland but in particular in Katowice, Mikołów, Oświęcim, Tychy, Bielsko-Biała, Gliwice, Bieruń, Lędziny.

The range of our translation services

We provide a full range of translation services including:

  • non-sworn written translations
  • sworn written translations
  • non-sworn oral translations (conference, training services, other events)
  • sworn oral translations (public offices, courts, notarial offices, police)

We carry out translations of the following texts:

  • legal
  • economic
  • advertising
  • technical
  • information technology
  • medical
  • marketing
  • commercial brochures



(+48/32) 780-31-75
(+48/32) 329-12-25
(+49/7361) 389-90-05

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We offer:

Sworn translations: diplomas, certificates, notarial deeds, birth, marriage and death certificates, vehicle documentation (a vehicle history card, a vehicle registration card, an agreement of purchase and sale) and many others.

Translations of correspondence between institutions and business entities maintaining the graphic design in a target language. We also carry out translations of private correspondence, websites both private and corporate, instruction manuals. We also provide stylistic correction of translations.

Oral translations both non-sworn and sworn. We offer oral translations such as:

Consecutive interpreting during trainings, conferences, business trips, presentations, lectures

Sworn translations in notarial offices and other public offices, translations during trainings of employees in institutions and while starting process lines.

In case of translations that do not belong to any of the above mentioned fields, please call the telephone number: 32 726 13 11 or 502 785 332 or 600 070 530.