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Foreign Language Teaching

We specialize in language courses aimed at fast communication. Our syllabus is adjusted to the needs and abilities of participants and offers different methods of teaching.

We are specialists in teaching of German. Lessons are conducted by experienced and professional teachers as well as language specialists (native speakers).

We provide full training services of teaching German for both individuals (children, teenagers and adults) and companies. Courses are conducted in small groups (4 to 8 people) or individually by carefully selected teachers, whose responsibility it is to make participants of courses perform to the maximum of their abilities. The education plans and intensity of classes are adjusted to the needs of customers; we design them according to the real language needs of a company or individuals.


(+48/32) 780-31-75
(+48/32) 329-12-25
(+49/7361) 389-90-05

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Our offer of language teaching

Only at our company can you get:

  • payment in two installments
  • profitable discounts for companies
  • a 10% discount for person brought with you
  • comprehensive organization of a course
  • tests checking the progress of language skills
  • classes conducted in a friendly atmosphere
  • on-site classes for individuals

Our special offer

We also offer German courses for people who would like to learn to communicate quickly and effectively in all basic everyday situations (e.g. in a shop, at the station, in the street, at the restaurant etc.) in Germany.

We provide the best care for our customers and individualisations of training. See for yourself!